Professor Ernst Titovets, M.D., Ph.D.
 Born: 5/6/1939, Krasnoyarsk, Russia


        1957-1963–Minsk State Medical Institute, Minsk,


        1958-1963–Student-Researcher at the Students 

                         Research  Center, Department of Chemistry,

                         Minsk State Medical Institute.  

        1963-1966–Postgraduate researcher in biochemistry,

                         Department of Biochemistry, Minsk State 

                         Medical Institute. 

        1992-1993–Course on the U.S. Foreign Policy:

                         Contemporary  American  History  read by

                         Prof. Francis Feeley, Ph.D.


  Research positions: 

       1967-1968–Assistant, Department of Physiology, Minsk State Medical Institute.

       1969-1974–Researcher at the Experimental Laboratory,  State Research Institute of

                       Neurology, Neurosurgery and Physiotherapy. 

       1974-1978–Senior researcher at the Experimental Department,  State Research

                       Institute of  Neurology, Neurosurgery and  Physiotherapy.

       1978-2004–Head of the Experimental Department, State Research Institute of

                       Neurology,  Neurosurgery and Physiotherapy.

       1985-1991–Reader of a Course on Bioenergetics at the Byelorussian State University.

       2005-2007–Learned Secretary of the National Research and Clinical Center for

                  Neurology and Neurosurgery.

       2005–present–Head of the Scientific Research Group,  National Research and

                  Clinical Center for Neurology and  Neurosurgery, Minsk.

   Dissertations and Scholarly Degrees:    

      1969–Ph.D. dissertation: Conformational Changes of the Mitochondrial Membrane

          Related to Endergonic Calcium Transport  defended at the National Academy of

          Sciences of Belarus. 

      1984–Doctor of Science Dissertation:  Biochemical Action Mechanism and Application

          of Novel  Derivatives of  Amino-substituted Ortho-benzoquinones defended at

          the Saint-Petersburg  (Leningrad) University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and the

          Scholarly Degree of Doctor of Biochemistry conferred by the Supreme

          Accreditation Committee of the U.S.S.R., Moscow.

      1988–Professor of Biochemistry Degree conferred by the Supreme Accreditation

          Committee of the U.S.S.R., Moscow.


               Member of the Learned Council of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

                                 of the National Academy of Sciences, Belarus.

               Member of the Learned Council, of the National Research and Clinical

                                 Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

               Member of the Research Proposal-and-Review Commission

                                 of the Health Ministry of Belarus.


                    Authored and co-authored over 190 scientific papers and 17 patents.  

             Aliases for search on the  Web: “Titovets EP”, “Ernst Titovets”, “Ernst Titovetz”.

   Authorship and translations of books: 

       Oswald: Russian Episode by Ernst Titovets MonLitera Publishing House. Minsk

          (2010) 490 p., ISBN 978-985-90215-3-4US Copyright Office Registration Number

           / Date: TX 7-348-345 /2011-02-26. eBook ISBN 987-985-90309-3-2

       Aquaporins of Man and Animals: Basic and Clinical Aspects (in Russian)

          by Titovets, E.P. Belnauka Publishing House, Minsk (2007) 241 p., ISBN 978-985-


        Self-Healing Powerful Techniques by Singh, R.N. (translated into Russian by

          Titovets, E.P. Popurri Publishers. Minsk (1998) 319 p., ISBN 985-438-331-8

           (Russian edition).

       Chemically Modified Carbon Fibers and Their Applications.Ermolenko,I.N.,

          et al. (translated into English  by Titovets, E.P.) (1990) 384 p.

          VCH, Weinheim   ISBN 3-527-26927-4.

          VCH,(Russian)New York ISBN 0-89573-873-2.

          Current Problems in Biochemistry. Research Methods..(Editor Prof.A.Chirkin)
          Titovets E.P. et al. 'Visheyshaya Shkola' Publishing House, Minsk (2013) 291p., ISBN



                                                       Research Interests   

   Mechanisms of brain hypoxia and edema;  amino derivatives of ortho-benzoquinone as potential antihypoxic drugs and reagents; tissue respiration and mitochondrial energy metabolism; enzyme isolation, purification and kinetics; oxygen exchange in the red blood cells. Convective theories of tissue oxygenation and mass transfer. (Titovets, E. et al.Conceptual mathematical model for convective mechanism of brain cortex oxygenation (2004)Titovets, E. et al. Oxygen-flux control of mitochondrial respiration and energy function (2005). Titovets, E. et al. Mathematical Model for Convective Mechanism of Brain Oxygenation and Edema and Its Clinical Implications (2005). Titovets, E., Aquaporins of Man and Animals: Basic and Clinical Aspects (2007)).

    American History: JFK issue

     The JFK issue–a momentous episode in American history–presents another area of interest for Ernst Titovets. As Lee Harvey Oswald’s close English-speaking friend in Russia he got to know him very well. “Erich [Ernst Titovets] my oldest existing acquaintance...a friend of mine who speaks English very well…” as Oswald would put it in his Historic Diary.   In his book Oswald: Russian Episode Ernst Titovets  investigates  the  Russian  period  of  life  and activity of Lee Harvey Oswald, an  alleged  assassin  of  JFK.The book is based mainly on the author’s first-hand experience of knowing Oswald. It also includes the author’s  interviews with many  Russians who met Oswald, there are documents with Oswald’s longhand never published before, unique transcripts of the audio recordings of Oswald and Titovets reading stories, enacting plays, giving mock interviews to one another.  The book presents a culmination of the Author’s painstaking research conducted over many years to reveal the true character of Oswald, a close-up of this still largely misunderstood man.