Recorded Voices

Lee Oswald and Ernst Titovets

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1. Introduction by Prof. Ernst Titovets. November, 2011.
2. Excerpt from Tape #1. Lee Oswald reading a piece from  Othello by William Shakespeare. December, 1960. The transcript is in Chapter 15. Studying Lee’s English, Oswald:Russian Episode by Ernst Titovets.
3. Excerpts from Tape #2. Mock interviews: (i) Senator Titov (the interviewer Lee Oswald); (ii) Jack Marr (the interviewer Ernst Titovets); (iii)Prof. Pepper (the interviewer Ernst Titovets). December, 1961.The transcripts are in Chapter 30. The revealing tape recordings, Oswald: Russian Episode by Ernst Titovets. © Ernst Titovets.