1. FRONTLINE: previous reports: transcripts: who was lee harvey ...

    Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? Air Date: November 16, 1993 ..... NARRATOR: Titovets
    made tape recordings of Oswald to study his Southern accent. LEE HARVEY ...
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  2. Lee Harvey Oswald - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 November 24, 1963) was, according to four
    government investigations, the sniper who killed John F. Kennedy, the 35th ...
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  3. Lee Harvey Oswald : Biography

    Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans on 18th October, 1939. His father,
    Robert Oswald, died two months before his son was born. At the age of three his
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  4. Lee Harvey Oswald -- Lone Assassin or Patsy?

    Looks a Lee Harvey Oswald's life history, and examines a series of supposedly
    sinister happenings in his life.
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  5. Memories of Lee Harvey Oswald | The Moscow Times Archive | The ...

    8 Dec 1992 ... MINSK, Belarus - Long-silent friends here of Lee Harvey Oswald paint a ...
    Titovets, 53, said he had argued politics with Oswald while ...
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  6. "The Last Words Of Lee Harvey Oswald", Compiled by Mae Brussell

    28 May 1992 ... ratcliffe) Subject: The Last Words Of Lee Harvey Oswald Keywords: Oswald's
    murder & silencing was critical to the conspirator's success ...
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  7. YouTube - Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination

    1 min - 5 Jun 2006
    Uploaded by mrkesselring

    Newsreel of Lee Harvey Oswald gettin' capped by Jack Ruby. Dig the perp walk, display of the rifle, and the solid police protection.
  8. Answers.com - Why did Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswalt

    Famous People question: Why did Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswalt? Oswald and
    Ruby discussed going in on a land deal together. Financing was arranged but at
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  9. The mind of Oswald - Google Books Result

    Diane Holloway, Lee Harvey Oswald - 2000 - 316 pages
    Meanwhile, Erich Titovets, whom Lee called Erich Titov in his diary, wanted to
    record Oswald's southern accent, or so he told Lee. Lee complied, delighted ...
  10. mil record

    The question, then, is if Richard Case Nagell knew Lee Harvey Oswald in ....
    Erich Titovets, of Titovets conducting a mock interview of Oswald in English.
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